What you can do

Watch this Youtube clip

Listen and talk with Afghan youth by organising a group to participate in the next Skype-athon with the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers.  The Global Day of Listening to Nonviolent Options; conversations with Iraqis and Afghans is March 19 – 20, 2011. To assist with and to participate in the call contact Doug Mackey at dougwmackey@gmail.com.  Additional information about the call can be found at ThePeoplesJourney.org.

Organise a high school, university or peace group to participate in a Skype phone call with the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers.  Contact Doug Mackey at dougwmackey@gmail.com.

Organise a group of people to view Afghan Youth Peace Volunteer videos located at the websites Our Journey to Smile: ourjourneytosmile.com and Live Without Wars: livewithoutwars.org.  View videos and talk about impressions of Afghan youths and their friends.  Also, feel free to check out www.youtube.com/user/ourjourneytosmile.

Visit the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers’ Facebook page and share it with your friends: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Youth-Peace-Volunteers/206186386153

Follow Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers on Twitter.

Share the Wikipedia entry for Dr. Ramazon Bashardost (http://ramazanbashardost.com/spip.php?article42) , brief video footage of an interview with him (ourjourneytosmile.com/blog/), as well as an excerpt about him from the New York Review of Books (October 28, 2010) http://www.nybooks.com/articles/archives/2010/oct/28/war-taliban/?pagination=false.  You can also use excerpts from Voices for Creative Nonviolence interviews with Dr. Bashardost (vcnv.org) and invite friends to become familiar with his views regarding nonviolent options for Afghanistan’s future.

Form a support group for a potential traveler to Afghanistan.  Contact Voices for Creative Nonviolence for a suggested future traveler.  Support groups would help publicise the traveler’s aim in visiting Afghanistan, circulate the traveler’s notes, photos and posted articles while he or she is away, assist with practical concerns while the traveler is away from home, and help arrange speaking engagements and/or media upon return home.  Support group could also assist with fundraising for flights and, while the traveler is away, accommodations.

Hold a vigil or demonstration.

Organize an event with David Smith-Ferri on his new book of poetry With Children Like Your Own, and/or help purchase and distribute copies of the book.  The poems focus on encounters with Iraqis and people in Afghanistan who’ve endured siege and war.  For more information, contact David Smith-Ferri at dsmithferri@gmail.com.

Come up with a creative way to educate friends, family members, and your local community about the continued occupation of Afghanistan.  Host a film screening, concert, street theater action, public antiwar art campaign, or flash mob.  

Set up a meeting with your elected officials to let them know that you oppose the war in Afghanistan.  Visit www.peace-action.org/ for more information about lobbying.

Encourage local Iraq and Afghan Veterans for Peace to become familiar with the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers.

Form a study group to learn Dari and/or Pashto, and more about the history of Afghanistan.

Collect materials for a Peace Resource Centre in Bamiyan, including artwork, posters, quilts, t-shirts, pamphlets, videos, audiobooks and other items related to nonviolence, peacemaking and ending wars. Contact Voices for information about collection sites in the United States, www.vcnv.org  


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