Tree-planting video clip and poem

On 19th March, the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers, with an international team of 24 peace activists, planted 55 trees at a school in Kabul, Afghanistan. They did this to usher in the Afghan New Year, in hope for a new way of living, a non-violent way of rebuilding the country.

Please watch the tree planting here

Hakim and the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers

Here is the poem the boys wrote for the occasion:

We need a different tree For seekers of roots, life has ample proof

that Power and Privilege consistently oppress the People.

This Power and Privilege is perfected in war,

& accepted universally like any other conventional tree.

And then,

its shade kills the People.

Why would an Afghan mother want a tree that kills?

Why would scholars promote it?

Why would the few rich and powerful insist on it?

Why would the People want it?

War is NOT what we wish to plant on any day, & certainly not today.

We wish to plant a tree rooted in Love,

a Love which says,’I live and love, so I shall not kill.’

If we wish to live without wars,

we need to plant a different tree.


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